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Vincent V's - Eagle Scout Service Project -Nov. 27th

Posted on Nov 25 2020 - 6:24pm

Come join Vincent V. and his volunteers in making his Eagle Scout Service Project become a reality!

We will be constructing a retaining wall planter, as well as constructing and staining two benches at the Haines Intervention Center.

Don't forget: A Scout is Helpful - and - this does count as Service Hours!  

See attached flier for more details...

Electronic Registration Now Open!

Winter Scavenger Hunt Starts Monday!

Posted on Nov 21 2020 - 8:09pm

It’s time again for another GooseChase scavenger hunt! This hunt will include winter scouting skills and activities, things to do when you’re stuck inside with bad weather, holiday celebrations, and more! General missions will all be available throughout the hunt and holiday missions will be released for a limited time only. Scouts who earn at least 400 points will earn patrol of the month points. Patrol points earned will scale based on GooseChase points earned and leaderboard position. The top 3 scouts and top adult leader will also receive a special award!


If you have not done one of our scavenger hunts before, you will need to download the GooseChase app on your/your parent’s phone and submit photos/videos of you completing challenges. Make sure your username reflects your real name somehow so that we know who to give points to.Be sure to get parent permission before downloading the app and follow all CDC social distancing guidelines while working on missions.


Scavenger hunt opens: Monday, Nov. 23 8:00am

Scavenger hunt closes: Sunday, January 3 8:00pm


Game ID: 7D1839

Game Password: 13

Questions? Contact Mrs. Nelson Jr. at

Philmont High Adventure 2021 - Second Payment Due

Posted on Nov 21 2020 - 8:09pm

All participants for the Philmont High Adventure 2021 are now being required to make their next  payment of $250.00 by 12/1/2020.

Pay via Online Payment Button on Troop 13 Website, Scout Account (email Mr. Nelson with your request) or via check (mail to Mr. Nelson at PO Box 282, St. Charles, Il.) 

Final Participant Lists will be out within the next few days.

Crew assignments and much needed information will be discussed in the upcoming ZOOM Meeting - Date and information to be forwarded to all participants within the next few days.

Florida Sea Base 2022 - NEW OPPORTUNITIES!

Posted on Nov 21 2020 - 8:08pm

Troop 13's High Adventure Trip 2022 to the Florida Sea Base / Out Island Adventure has had an unbelievable / successful sign up volume.

With 48 available slots on the entire island, we have filled all of them and currently have a waiting list of (9) more potential attendees.

With this in mind, we have the potential to have another crew of (20) available to us.

However, this additional crew would be on a different date (7/22/2022 - 7/30/2022) and it would be a different adventure vs. the original Out Island Adventure, previously described.

This adventure would be on a Tall Ship departing from the Bahamas.  Each attendee would live on, sleep on, eat on, work on and, conduct activities on and from a Tall Ship.

In order to attend this trip, you must be of the age of 13 by 7/22/2022.

In order for this trip to be available, we would need to have 11 more attendees (not including those already registered) to sign up to attend the Florida Sea Base.  If you are already registered to attend the Florida Sea Base 2022 High Adventure and wish to change to this Tall Ship Adventure, email Mr. Nelson immediately.  In addition, if you have not yet signed up to attend the Florida Sea Base 2022 High Adventure and still wish to go, email Mr. Nelson immediately.

Note: If registrations for the Tall Ship exceed the available space, a lottery will be held to decide attendees.

In order to ensure your space on any of these adventures, you must submit your $100 Deposit by 12/1/2020.  You may pay On-Line via Troop 13's Website's Online Payments Button, via Scout Account (email Mr. Nelson) or Check (Mail to Mr. Nelson at PO Box  282, St., Charles, IL. 60174).

Please let Mr. Nelson know (via email) immediately of your decision to attend the Florida Sea Base (if not previously registered) and/or your intention to change adventures from the Out Island Adventure to the Tall Ship Adventure.

Note: If you attempt to change to the Tall Ship Adventure and do not win the lottery, you will not lose your space in the Out Island Adventure.

We will hold this New Opportunity open until 11/22/2020, at which time, we will make final decisions and put out the final participant lists.

2021 Troop Dues now PAST DUE - PAY TODAY!

Posted on Nov 21 2020 - 8:07pm
It is that time of the year, once again...
2021 Troop Dues are due! 
Unfortunately, the National BSA and Three Fires Council have raised their dues and therefore, we must reflect that increase in our dues!
Note: For the extra few dollars - You still get an awesome bang for your buck!
All Scouts wishing to register for the next Scouting Year (1/1/2021 - 12/31/2021) should turn in a check to Mr. Boyce or Mr. Farrell, for $125.00 to cover their annual dues by November 15th. 
If you would like your dues to be taken out of your Scout Account, please e-mail your request to Mr. Boyce or Mr. Farrell indicating the Scout name, account to be used and amount to be taken from this account. If your Scout Account has a negative balance, please submit a check equal to the negative balance plus the re-charter fee, in order to remain in good standing.
Again this year: You may also pay your dues electronically - See "Menu / Online Payments"
The re-charter fee for Adult Leaders (Scoutmaster / Asst. Scoutmasters / Committee Chairman / Committee Members) is $75.  Please handle payment methods in a similar fashion, as detailed for the Scouts (above).
Note: The only Adult Leader positions with no dues is that of a Merit Badge Counselor and/or Scouter Reserve.  However, an Adult Registration Application must still be completed, as well as completing the on-line course of Youth Protection.

Wreath Delivery Day - Saturday 11/21

Posted on Nov 14 2020 - 6:48pm

Due to COVID and the current 10 person limit, we will have to make some drastic changes this year so please read below carefully to see where you can help.  We need everyone's help and cooperation more than ever this year.

Delivery will be held at Gray Willows Barn.  Sign-ups (detailed below) will be on the website.  ALL wreaths MUST be picked up Sat. as we do not have anywhere to store greens this year.  If you cannot be there yourself, you'll need to arrange for someone to pick up your order for you!!

Adults - here's where you can help - Unloading the semi and Distributing the Greens. Because we are limited to 10 people, we would like to keep this as adults only.  We will break up into shifts as follows:

            1)  Unloading semi - This will entail unloading the semi and setting up for distribution.

                        1 Shift:  7:30 to 9 - Adults Only (need 10)

            2)  Distributing Wreaths & Bows - this will entail picking orders and carrying them to cars.  Most orders will be stacked next to the car where the scouts/families picking up can load them after you back away.

                        Shift 1:  9 to 11 - Adults Only (need 10)

                        Shift 2:  11 to 1 - Adults Only (need 10)

            3)  Gatekeepers - this will entail meeting cars at the entrance, directing traffic flow, explaining the system as needed and making sure people stay in their vehicles until they are cleared to load greens.  Due to COVID, this group will not be able to have any contact with the distributing group above.

                        Shift 1:  9 to 11 - Adults Only (need 3)

                        Shift 2:  11 to 1 - Adults Only (need 3)

Pick-Up Process - Scouts & Families who sold wreaths this year will need to sign up for a time to pick-up their order.  This will allow a better flow through the pick-up process since we can't have the entire troop arriving at the same time.  To pick-up greens, please come in a vehicle large enough to hold your order.  Cars will enter Gray Willows and proceed through the line to the barn - stay in line & stay in your vehicles.  We will fill orders one at a time as cars reach the distributors.  Distributors will pick your order and place it next to your car.  When they're done and have backed away, you will be able to exit your vehicle, check and load your order and, if everything's correct, leave.

   Time slots will be every half hour as set-up on the website.

Adults, please sign up wherever you can help and with all of us working together, hopefully things will run smoothly.

Finally, I have a very limited number of Extra Items (I had to order some to fill boxes or complete bundles).  These are available to sell - first come, first serve - and will count toward your scout account incentives.  So if your Aunt Mary or Uncle John still want a wreath, it may not be too late - email me at: if you're interested.

Masks and patience will be required for EVERYONE!!

If you have any questions, please contact Bev Morris ( or

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